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Children will be placed in the class the teacher feels will best meet their needs.

All our adult classes are mixed ability and our teachers will work to the level of the participants.

To download term schedules visit class page.

 Adult Ballet
16.00-16.45: Movement Warriors Age 5-7
16.45-17.45: Movement Warriors Age 8-10
17.45-18.45: Movement Warriors Age 10+
19.00-20.15: Yoga

13.30-14.15: Pre-School Ballet
16:00-16:45: Pre-Primary Ballet
16.45-17.30: Primary Ballet
17.30-18.30: Grade 2 Ballet
19.00-20.15: Adult Ballet

16.00-16.45: Pre Primary Ballet
16.45-17.45: Creative Ballet Age 7-9 
17.45-18.45: Grade 1 Ballet

Mini Warriors (Mixed) Under 5 years- Full
11.30-12.15: Inclusive Movement Class
16.45-17.30: Movement Warriors Age 5-7
17.30-18.30: Movement Warriors Age 8-10
19.00-20.15: Contemporary Age 13-17
19.00-20.00: Inclusive Movement Class

11.30-12.45: Parkinson’s CAN Dance – Full
13.45- 15.00: Parkinson’s CAN Dance – Full 
19.00-20.15: Adult Ballet

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If you see a class is full that you like the sound of don’t hesitate to give us a ring to be placed on the waiting list!

Private coaching and one to one tuition is available. Please contact the team to discuss further.

This timetable is provisional and may be subject to change

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Summer 2017:

Term begins: Week c/ Monday 24th April

Half term week: Monday 29th May- Friday 2nd June

Final week of term: Week c/ Monday 10th July

In the interest of personal health and safety: 

Participants are responsible for providing any information to BalletBoyz regarding any injuries or illnesses that may affect their ability to participate in Studio 52a classes. By participating you understand that classes include physical, aerobic and stretching exercises and could potentially be a risk to personal health. You also acknowledge that BalletBoyz cannot be held responsible for any injuries, loss, or damage to your person or property.